Leigh Griffiths: More than the sum of two freekicks

It’s amazing what scoring two incredible freekicks in the space of 4 minutes in the powder keg atmosphere of a Scotland vs. England match can do for your reputation.  Derided pre-match in certain quarters as not being International class or for only scoring goals in a ‘tin-pot league’, Leigh Griffiths has since been catapulted to … Continue reading Leigh Griffiths: More than the sum of two freekicks


Old Firm Memories

Larsson and a young Mark Burchill had other ideas and my first Old Firm / Glasgow Derby finished in 5-1 route for Celtic.  “Fuck you Rangers we’re gonna win the League” I chanted deliriously as we left the ground. We didn’t.  Dr. Doom was right, we’d only gone and made them mad.  Rangers ran away … Continue reading Old Firm Memories

Top 6 Preview (& Review) MatchDay 34

This weekend see’s the first round of post split matches in the SPFL Premiership, to mark this occasion I decided to put together a preview of sorts of the upcoming weekend fixtures.  However, as is typically of most things Scottish football, I’ve made a bit of an arse of things and completely forgot to write … Continue reading Top 6 Preview (& Review) MatchDay 34