The Armstrong Dilemma

Stuart Armstrong is the latest in a long and ever increasing line of Celtic players to be linked with a big money move down south to the riches and glamour of the English Premiership; in his case the talented midfielder has been associated with a potential transfer to the likes of Southampton (which Celt hasn’t … Continue reading The Armstrong Dilemma


The Lions of Lisbon

 “And the whistle is going, and Celtic have won the European Cup.” Kenneth Wolsthenhome, Lisbon, Thursday 25th May, 1967. I’ve laboured and debated over writing a piece on the Lisbon Lions for the past few weeks now, going back and forth about how I was going to approach it, editing and deleting countless introductions … Continue reading The Lions of Lisbon

5 Things we Learned: Celtic Vs. Inter Milan

Deila’s Team has Come of Age Celtic’s performance over both legs against Inter Milan was almost unrecognisable from the embarrassing and shoddy displays against Legia and Maribor at the start of the season.  So bad were the performances in those ties that a significant number of fans and media ‘experts’ were prematurely calling for Deila’s … Continue reading 5 Things we Learned: Celtic Vs. Inter Milan