Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

Hello darkness, my old friend I’ve come to talk with you again. Hearts four (that’s 4, as Ceefax would reinforce) Celtic nil.  Read it.  Let it sink in. Move on. It’s been a while since Celtic last endured a domestic defeat.  585 days to be exact, during which time Celtic broke their own British record … Continue reading Hello Darkness, My Old Friend


Life Expectancy of a Scottish Football Manager

There is an old saying in football that you have got to be mad to be a goalkeeper.  The same must surely be true of managers; or at very least you must be mad to think that going into management will lead to secure long-term employment. The departure of Pedro Caixinha as Rangers manager after … Continue reading Life Expectancy of a Scottish Football Manager

Top 6 Preview (& Review) MatchDay 34

This weekend see’s the first round of post split matches in the SPFL Premiership, to mark this occasion I decided to put together a preview of sorts of the upcoming weekend fixtures.  However, as is typically of most things Scottish football, I’ve made a bit of an arse of things and completely forgot to write … Continue reading Top 6 Preview (& Review) MatchDay 34

Moments that matter

I've had it in mind to write a general post about football for a while, as opposed to my usual Celtic centric posts.  The topic I had in mind to discuss was that of the importance placed on individual moments within any given game.  Moments being pieces of team or individual brilliance leading to a goal, defensive or offensive … Continue reading Moments that matter

Supporters Direct Scotland Conference 2015

I had an eventful few days this weekend just past, on Friday my fridge freezer packed in and on Sunday I ran in my 10k race – nice early opportunity to plug that post right here.  Sandwiched in between I managed to fit in a football related experience on the Saturday of all days.  Football….Saturday….It’ll … Continue reading Supporters Direct Scotland Conference 2015