Stefan Scepovic: Champion of Hungary

On Saturday evening the curtain finally fell on the Hungarian NB1 season and left one former Celt celebrating the second National Title of his much-traveled career. For the eighth time in the past ten season’s the NB1 was won by a club based outside of the capital, Budapest. On this occasion, Videoton, from the centrally … Continue reading Stefan Scepovic: Champion of Hungary


Honved vs Videoton: Busting my Magyar Foci Cherry

It’s been almost three months now since I moved out to Budapest and posed myself the question of which Budapest team I should follow now that I am here.  Choosing a football team to follow is not a decision to be taken lightly, especially for a foreigner living in a new city. Upon moving to … Continue reading Honved vs Videoton: Busting my Magyar Foci Cherry

My Budapest Team

Instead of returning to Hungary the club embarked on a ‘World Tour’ playing fundraising matches in Italy, Spain and Portugal (organised by the iconic manager Bela Guttmann).  They were offered political asylum and the opportunity to play in the Mexican Championship, an offer they declined in order to compete in a tournament in Brazil.  The … Continue reading My Budapest Team